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Family Tree Magazine 101 Best

Gina Strack
June 18, 2009
Family Tree Magazine 101 Best Web Sites 2009

Family Tree Magazine 101 Best Web Sites 2009

The Utah Death Certificate Index was named one of Family Tree Magazine’s 101 Best Web Sites under the category of 10 Best Sites for Vital Records.

[T]hanks to humanity’s development of 10 fingers and 10 toes, we count things in 10s, group the years in decades and celebrate anniversaries ending in 0—such as this 10th annual installment of Family Tree Magazine‘s 101 Best Web Sites…

Utah Death Certificate Index
If only your ancestors had died in Utah, you could find them in this searchable database of more than 250,000 death certificates, from 1904 to 1956, linked to images of the originals.

We appreciate the mention! If you are new to this resource, make sure and try and search to learn about any predecessors that may have died in Utah. Not to mention more indexes, frequently updated research guides and 1,000+ records inventories online.