Division of Archives and Records Service
Clyde Price Saddle given to Governor Leavitt

Governor's Artifacts

Joseph Sharp
March 16, 2011

As the highest ranking official of the state, Utah governors are frequently recognized with gifts. These gifts range from jars of jelly and embroidered baseball caps to ornate plaques and commemorative items. The best of the governor’s artifacts are being retained by the state as part of our cultural heritage.

In February 2011, the State Records Committee approved a new general schedule for the retention of governor’s artifacts. It states, “Governor’s artifacts include gifts of significant monetary or historical value given to the governor in his or her official capacity in recognition of public service or in commemoration of an event. A record of these gifts should be kept which includes a description, date, name of donor, and approximate value…” The State Records Committee approved permanent retention for these gifts and approved their transfer to an appropriate repository under Archives supervision.

This retention schedule formalizes a process that has already been carried out at the end of tenure for recent governors. Micheal O. Leavitt’s artifacts are on display in the Gerald R. Sherratt Library at Southern Utah University. Olene Walker’s artifacts will be on display in the Stewart Library at Weber State University.

Saddle crafted by Clyde Price for Governor Leavitt.

Mask presented to Governor Huntsman by Chinese representatives of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

This is a statue of the skier, Stein Eriksen, an alpine ski racer and Olympic gold medalist.