Division of Archives and Records Service

A New Website for the Archives

Joseph Sharp
December 18, 2012

new_websiteDecember 2012 is a season of change here at the Division of Archives and Records Service. This week, the Archives, along with the Department of Administrative Services, will launch a fully redesigned website. In addition to a brand new look, here is a list of changes records officers can expect on the new website.

1. Access to all Divisions of the Department of Administrative Services

Visitors to our current website are familiar with seeing menu options for just the Archives. The new website allows visitors to navigate to any division within the Department of Administrative Services from the Archives webpages. Be careful when clicking Fleet or Finance, you will be directed to each respective webpage; not a listing of records held by those divisions.

2. New Navigation Menu

Records officers’ familiar with our current website can recall two menus; a list of options in a horizontal row across the top of the webpage and a vertical menu bar down the left side of the webpage. The new webpage features only one menu for Archives services; a vertical menu on the right side of the webpage.

On the Records Management webpage, the menu has options for viewing “News and Features (such as the blog), a link to “Resources” we provide (forms, FAQ, Glossary, Guidelines and Policies), and additional links to all of the records management and Archives services.

3. A New Micro-graphics Page

Previously, information about Archives micro-imaging services and costs were buried deep on the records management page. Now, records officers can easily select micro-graphics from the records management webpage. The micro-graphics webpage highlights the services provided and a direct link to the costs for services.

4. “I want to…” Section

Records officers can now quickly navigate directly to the information they seek from the “I want to…” section at the bottom of the webpage. For example, records officers can select options such as:

  • Register for Training
  • Certify as a Records Officer
  • Know How Long to Keep Records
  • Know What the Archives Has From My Agency
  • Submit a New Series
  • Edit an Existing Series
  • Transfer Records

5. A New Page for the Records Ombudsman

Members of the public and records officers will now be able to view the services of the Records Ombudsman from the new website. Both parties will be able to view and download records requests forms, contact the ombudsman, and review laws and other resources that relate to records access in Utah.

6. Coming Soon…

  • A brand new search engine! The new search engine will not be released with the new version of the webpage. We expect to roll out this new feature in 2013.
  • Records Officer Certification training. To be posted later this month.

Check back often for additional posts about other changes at the Archives.