Division of Archives and Records Service

GRS proposal withdrawn, focus group to address issue

Joseph Sharp
January 31, 2014

     In an earlier post (January 22, 2014), the Division of Archives proposed changes to general retention schedules. In order to be consistent with the requirements of the Open and Public Meetings Act adopted in 2013, the proposed change was to make audio recordings of open and public meetings permanent instead of authorizing them to be destroyed three years after the approval of the official minutes. The post invited public comment about the proposed changes.

      Archives staff members appreciate the comments of everyone who took the time to reply.

     The prevailing sentiment was that the proposed changes should not be adopted.

     As a result of the concerns sent in response to the proposed changes, the Archives has withdrawn the proposed general schedule from consideration for the February 13 State Records Committee meeting.

     A focus group composed of records officers and chief administrative officers who contacted the Archives will be formed to address the issue of audio recordings. Others who would like to become involved may contact Rebekkah Shaw ([email protected], 801-531-3851).

     Until further notice, records officers should continue to apply the corresponding approved state (schedule 1, item 41), county (schedule 1, item 44), municipal (schedule 1, item 45), and school district (schedule 15, item 7) retention schedule for recordings of open and public meetings which specify that:

• Approved written minutes are permanent,

• Open meeting recordings have a 3-year retention after approval of official minutes, and

• Closed meeting recordings are permanent.