Division of Archives and Records Service

General Schedule Updates to Website

Rebekkah Shaw
November 12, 2014

There are four General Schedule types: State, County, Municipality and School District. You can view these schedule in HTML and PDF.  As general schedules get updated, changes are reflected on these pages.
When a new schedule is approved, there are usually older schedules updated into the new schedule. For example, this Bond Records schedule posted for your review on October 30th and shown below. The second column lists existing schedules which will be obsolete if the proposed schedule is approved by the State Records Committee.

-Bonds Records-
These are critical bond documents that are used for the life of bills, notes, debt securities, debt obligations, or bonds. Included are book entries, statements and payment confirmations, application and certificate for eligibility, and related records.
SG 7-12, 7-14CNT 2-3, 2-4, 2-5, 2-6 Retain 3 years after final maturity and then destroy.


After a schedule is approved by the State Records Committee, the the overwritten schedules will still be listed on our website, but provide a link to the updated schedule.









To capture this same information on the PDF version, we have added a graphic prefacing each general schedule type (state, municipal, school district or county). These visuals will be updated as the general schedule gets updated. The top diamond will have the schedule number and title of the new schedule. Boxes linked underneath it will be schedules of that type (state, municipal, school district or county) which were overwritten by the new schedule.  The example here is a visual created for the newly updated publications schedule.