Division of Archives and Records Service

Change to Personnel Schedule

Rebekkah Shaw
November 13, 2014

A change to the proposed general retention schedule for Grievance and Discipline Records requires your input. This schedule is meant to include unsubstantiated cases. The Attorney General’s office requests that the retention be changed from 7 years after case closed to 7 years after end of employment. Changing the trigger significantly changes the retention.

-3- Grievance and Discipline Records
Initial documentation responding to complaints that result in any type of investigation for possible disciplinary action.
SD 14-27
MUN 9-9, 9-11, 9-16, 9-19
CNT 8-1, 8-7, 8-14, 8-19
Retention: 7 years after
end of employment
Disposition: Destroy

We welcome your feedback on this update by either commenting to this blog post, calling Rebekkah Shaw at 801-531-3851 or emailing [email protected] .