Division of Archives and Records Service

What Would Be On Your Ideal Archives Website?

Renee Wilson
February 24, 2015

If a magic fairy waved her wand and gave you a brand new Archives website where you could access any Archives information/services you wanted, what would be on that site?

For example, you may want to:

  • See and edit personal and agency information
  • See what records your agency has scheduled
  • See and edit retention schedules for your agency
  • See and edit records officers
  • Update your certification
  • Find a general retention schedule
  • Suggest a new general schedule
  • Schedule records to be sent to the Records Center or Archives
  • See and respond to GRAMA requests
  • Find information on what to do with the wall of boxes left from the last records officer
  • Figure out how the whole Archives thing works
  • etc.

We’re trying to improve the user experience, and want to know where to focus our efforts. What do you look for on the Archives website? What do you wish you could see or do?