Division of Archives and Records Service

General Schedule for Your Input

Rebekkah Shaw
July 30, 2015

As part of the General Schedule Update Project, the Utah State Archives is proposing eight new schedules for your consideration. We would like these to be submitted to the State Records Committee’s August 13th meeting. Remember, there is no designation or classification of general schedules because that needs to be determined by the record series. Four of these schedules are meant for county sheriff, city police, as well as law enforcement records found in state government, including colleges and universities.

Schedule & Description Retention Existing Schedules Comments/Citations
-Special Education Records-
“All students with disabilities, who are between the ages of 3 and 22 and have not graduated from high school with a regular diploma, are entitled to a free, appropriate public education.” (Utah Code 53A-15-301(1)(a)(2015)) These records document the progress and participation of students or clients enrolled in special education programs. Information includes individualized education program records (IEPs), evaluations, parental information and correspondence, assessments and related records.
3 -5 years after graduation or services end. SD 16-1 34 CFR 300.562 (Access) 34 CFR 99 (parents rights)34 CFR 300.561(3) summary of policies/procedures regarding retention and destruction. Notice given to parents.34 CFR 300.537 (information can be destroyed at parents request provided the information is not needed to provide educational services to the child)IEP, assessment plans/reports, communication to/from parents, transition plans, behavior support plans, psycho-educational reports,
-Purchasing Records-
-Contract Purchasing Records-
These records document contractual agreements for products or services. Records may include preliminary requirements, contractor payroll records, bids, and the signed contract.
Retention:7 years after project completed and warranties expire.Disposition:
MUN 10-6, 10-7, 10-12CNT 9-2, 9-12, SG 13-4, 13-5, 13-6, 13-8 Statute of Limitations for contracts applies: Utah Code 78B-2-309(2)
-Law Enforcement Schedules-  
-Dispatch and Patrol Records-Records document the actions of dispatch and law officers on duty. Information may include reviewed video or audio recordings not part of a larger case file. Incidents requiring further evaluation are not included. Retention:
1-90 days
CNT 16-15 Questionable recordings: 2 years. MUN 21-60See also Daily Activity Records SG 17-3
-Criminal History Records-
These are complete histories of arrested individuals which provide complete name, alias, nickname, residence, complete physical description, date of arrest, offense committed, and occupation. They are used for department investigations, statistics and information.
Retain 75 years and then destroy MUN 21-7, 21-12,
CNT 16-4, 16-12, 16-22, 16-57
Case files/case reports. PC statement (what some call the initial report, part of booking records) 85 years unless expunged, bookings. Criminal history packets, ‘booking file’-Expungement is an access issue, not retention.-This schedule does not include the State Prison
If BCI or the court has the record copy, retain for administrative need? (MUN 21-12 & CNT 16-57)
-Arrest Records-
These are records of prisoners confined in jail. They include the prisoner’s name, alias, sheriff’s office number, booking number, offense, address, arresting officer’s name, date committed, term of sentence, and discharge date.
Retain 10 years after last release and then destroy MUN 21-3CNT 16-2 These are not part of case files/case reports/booking files (each office calls the file something different).-Expungement is an access issue, not retention.-Includes initial report, arrest report-This schedule does not include the State Prison

Most current schedules say “if not part of case file, but everything is part of a case file”

-Mug Shot Records-
These are photographs and descriptions of arrested individuals which provide complete name, alias, physical description, date of arrest, and offense committed. Booking information may be included.
Retain 75 years and then transfer to Archives.
MUN 21-36CNT 16-32, 16-38 Mug shots/booking
-Expungement is an access issue, not retention.
-These records have genealogical research value