Division of Archives and Records Service

Spotlight On: Colleen Mulvey, recipient of The Utah State Archives’ Excellence in Information Governance Award 2016

Rae Gifford
October 26, 2016


Colleen Mulvey (second-to-left in picture), Cedar Hills City Recorder, was awarded the The Utah State Archives’ Excellence in Information Governance Award at our annual fall conference on Thursday, October 6, 2016.

Colleen is inventive and resourceful! She uses a variety of methods to ensure accurate, manageable, and innovative preservation of Cedar Hills’ records with limited staffing resources as she maintains the agency-wide records. She also implemented a staff training schedule to provide valuable information to the city employees that emphasizes the importance of proper records management and retention.

Colleen is engaged in our professional community! Colleen has been very active with a number of associations to ensure that she is properly educated in the current requirements for records management. Colleen is a Master Municipal Clerk in the Utah Municipal Clerks Association (UMCA), as well as a contributing member to the Utah Chapter of ARMA. She has been a conference presenter for both of these organizations  and others to share her knowledge of various aspects of records management. Associates, coworkers, and peers know that Colleen strives to understand the current regulations and call on her expertise frequently.

Colleen directed the successful transition to electronic records management! In addition to more traditional methods of records management practices, Colleen has been instrumental in automating the collection, retention, and distribution of records in electronic formats. Cedar Hills has just finished their first year working with Seamless Docs on creating electronic forms and are currently beta-testing the GRAMA Portal. This has automated the records management process on important documents in a paperless environment.

Way to go, Colleen! Thanks for all you do!