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Are you Puzzled about Long-term Preservation of Electronic Records?

Rae Gifford
November 18, 2016

Free Practical Digital Preservation Training


We know many of our record officers are looking for more information about managing electronic records. The Council of State Archives (CoSA) and Preservica have come together to provide even more training webinars for managers, information officers, and records officers.  CoSA’s Press Release defines their Online Briefings Program as follows:

“How‐To” Webinar Series

For Practitioners at State Archives and Agencies
These webinars furnish practical information for archivists and records managers who work with electronic records and will include speakers from state archives or other government organizations who have direct experience with the topic at hand.

Digital Preservation Storage Choices (Dec. 13: 2‐3pm EST)
Connecting Digital Preservation with Catalog Systems (Jan. 10: 2‐3pm EST)
Preserving and Protecting Audio‐visual Files (April 11: 2‐3pm EST)
Preserving Digitized State Government Records (May 9: 2‐3pm EST)
Best Practices in Digital Preservation: International Perspectives  (June 13:               10am‐12pm EST)

Protecting and Preserving Long‐Term Digital Information

For IT Professionals & Practitioners (Jan. 24: 2‐3pm EST)
A guest speaker from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) will discuss the importance of making this a priority for state agencies in today’s information‐driven world

The Governance of Long‐Term Digital Information

For Senior Managers, Decision Makers & Practitioners (May 23: 2‐3pm EST)
The briefing will include speakers from institutions that have implemented a digital preservation strategy and will highlight the importance of making this a collaborative relationship between IT, records managers and state archives.

Digital Preservation 101: Putting Digital Preservation into Action

For Practitioners and Records Officers at State Archives and Agencies
Focusing on the needs and concerns of state government records officers, this online workshop is divided into three, one‐hour sessions that will be delivered in consecutive weeks.

Part 1: Practical training in the key concepts (Feb. 14: 2‐3pm EST)
Part 2: Practical training in the key concepts (Feb. 28: 2‐3pm EST)
Part 3: Case Studies (March 14: 2‐3pm)

More information about the webinars and registration can be found on the CoSA website.