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6 valentines using records management language

Happy Valentine’s Day

Rae Gifford
February 14, 2018

Do you need a valentine to share? Try one of these!

6 valentines using records management language

Today we have been sharing valentines on Twitter. They were created by the awesome Holly Dolan from the Denton County (Texas) Department of Technology Services.

Records Management Term Definitions:

Administratively valuable: An appraisal noting the usefulness of records for the conduct of current and/or future administrative business needs.

Custodian: The guardian of records and manuscripts which may include both physical possession (protective responsibility) and legal title (legal responsibility).

Disposition: The final action that puts into effect the results of an appraisal decision for a series of records. Transfer to an archival repository, retain permanently in the agency, or destruction, are among possible disposition actions.

Essential: Records essential to the continued functioning of an organization during and after an emergency and also those records essential to protecting the rights and interests of that organization and of the individuals directly affected by its activities.

Legal hold: A process used to suspend the normal disposition of records when litigation is anticipated.

Retention period: The period of time during which records are kept in the custody of the creating agency (including Records Center storage) before disposition occurs; usually in terms of years or contingent upon an event, such as an audit.