Division of Archives and Records Service
A group of more than 30 people in the water at Salt Air wearing old swimsuits. Some have bathing caps on.

Everyone Can Help Preserve History

Alan Barnett
April 28, 2018

Group bathing at Saltair, 1918.
Utah State Archives & Records Service Series 5607, Box 1, Folder 37.

Preservation Week (April 23-29) is an initiative of the American Library Association (ALA) that highlights the importance of preserving records and photographs documenting our family, community, state, and national history. Larger institutional archives have professionally trained archivists working to preserve the records of the past, but with a little direction, anyone who has historical records can help preserve history.

We have posted some tips on records preservation and the ALA has some helpful information about preserving records and artifacts on their website. We encourage everyone to educate themselves a little and then pitch in to help preserve our history.