Division of Archives and Records Service

Browse Death Certificates Online, 1968-1969

Gina Strack
October 22, 2021

We are pleased to announce that two more years of death certificates are now available online as digital images. The years 1968 and 1969 first became publicly accessible 50 years after the dates of death on the certificates. 

The State Archives works closely with the Office of Vital Records and Statistics in the Utah Department of Health. The OVRS is the state entity that registers vital records such as births, deaths, adoptions, marriages, and divorces in Utah. Before 1999, all of these records remained in that office permanently. Today, most are transferred to the State Archives as historical records, where we will preserve them and provide access as allowed by law.

Diagram of vital records in State of Utah

The State Archives continues to use microphotography for preservation of vital records after they are arranged within new acid-free folders and boxes. The resulting microfilm is digitized for easier access. We present these images in their original arrangement by year, then by county name, and then by date. Indexing by name is currently in progress; in the meantime browse to the correct place to see a death certificate from 1968 or 1969 for free.

For certified copies of more recent death records, find information and contacts on our research guide.