Division of Archives and Records Service

State Records Committee Year in Review

Rebekkah Shaw
January 17, 2023

Last year was an exceptionally busy year for the State Records Committee! In 2022, the committee received approximately 260 appeals and issued 61 Decisions and Orders. 68 appeals were withdrawn before the hearing because they were resolved in mediation, thanks to the hard work by our State Ombudsman Rosemary Cundiff!

2022 Charts

Most of the requesters who appeal to the State Record Committee and members of the public.

Most of the respondents in 2022 were from local government.

Chart that shows respondents in SRC appeals

Sometimes it takes a few requests to find what you’re looking for, and that’s okay. It can be difficult to know what record has the information you need. This means a lot of requesters submit more than one appeal to the State Records Committee. Most often they are all related to the same underlying issue. Here is a graph of all the requesters based on the number of appeals they have submitted to the Committee. There were 91 unique petitioners last year, and of those, 64 only sent one appeal. Here’s a  breakdown of how many appeals the other 21 people submitted:

Appeals per person chart

2022 Committee Changes

In September the Committee said goodbye to Tom Haraldsen, who served as a media representative. 

Linda Petersen was confirmed by the Senate as the new media representative on October 19th and her first meeting was in November 2022.