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May 1, 2012

Happy MayDay!

Historically, MayDay has two traditions; first, as a spring festival celebrated around the world. Many MayDay traditions are rooted in folklore and some celebrate by filling small baskets with goodies to leave on someone’s doorstep. Modern MayDay observances often recognize International Worker’s Day. For professionals who deal with records and historic documents, a third tradition has sprung up as part
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February 9, 2012

Why Effective Records Management Matters in a Democracy

Typically, the justification for a records management (RM) program is tied to cost cutting, efficiency, and managing risk. While certainly important pieces of records management, for government records managers there is an additional and significant reason for a RM program.  Government archivists and records managers typically are guided by mission statements that focus on preserving and documenting government institutions. One
November 15, 2011

Alliance for Response: Safeguarding Utah's Cultural Heritage

       Some of Utah’s cultural heritage custodians met with first responders and disaster planners at the Utah Alliance for Response forum on November 2, to discuss actions that can be taken to protect  records and other cultural heritage artifacts in the event of a disaster. Planners hope that the outcome of this forum will be the creation of partnerships and strengthened communication between
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November 10, 2011

Volunteer Program Development Training

     Have you ever wondered how in the world you would reduce your backlog?  Or how you would complete a project that you never find time for?      Maybe what you need are volunteers to assist you.      If you have ever thought about how to find volunteers and how to keep them coming back, we have a training session