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House Working bills inventory links

Gina Strack
November 30, 2009

1899 House Bill 32

The series inventory for the House of Representatives Working bill files has been updated to include direct links to digital archives for each folder from 1896 to 1989.

The House Working bills were digitally scanned from microfilm in 2008 up through 1989. Bills from 1990 to the present are available from the Utah State Legislature.

Most legislative resources at the Archives, however, will not be online. For research, begin with some of these guides:

  • Legislative Records
    The records of many offices provide history of legislation; you may need to access records created by the House, Senate, Legislative Research and General Counsel (who conduct legal and policy research for drafting bills), Legislative Fiscal Analyst (who reviews bills for cost implications), Governors and Lieutenant Governors, etc.
  • Legislative Intent and History
    Legislative intent refers to what lawmakers had in mind in passing an act or statute. Judges, attorneys, historians, and others study intent for guidance in interpreting a statute. Legislative history is the written and spoken record that documents the stages in the passage of a bill or resolution as it goes through the legislative process. Legislative history is used for discovering sources of information about the legislative intent.
Inventory of Working bills from Legislature. House of Representatives, i 1896-2009