Division of Archives and Records Service

Personnel Schedules for Your Review

Rebekkah Shaw
October 29, 2014

As part of the General Schedule Update Project, the Utah State Archives is proposing the following changes to the general retention schedules for personnel records. Since May last year, several meetings and discussions have been held with human resource representatives and records officers to clearly define the contents of a personnel file. The seven year retention listed below is based on the statute of limitations for contracts.

-1- Employment History Records
Employment history documents a person’s application, hiring, and employment with a governmental entity, including all records necessary to calculate benefits. Actions taken as a result of disciplinary action or grievances are included in this schedule.
SD 14-7, 14-11;CNT 8-34MUN 9-1, 9-12, 9-34, Retention: 65 years or
7 years after
retirement or death
Disposition: Destroy
-2- Performance Plans & Evaluations
This information documents an employee’s performance, including awards, performance plans, and evaluations.
SD 14-30;MUN 9-7, 9-27, 9-39CNT 8-18, 8-33 Retention: 7 years after
end of employment
Disposition: Destroy
-3- Grievance and Discipline Records
Initial documentation responding to complaints that result in any type of investigation for possible disciplinary action.
SD 14-27MUN 9-9, 9-11, 9-16, 9-19,CNT 8-1, 8-7, 8-14, 8-19 Retention: 7 years after
case closed
Disposition: Destroy
-4- Employee Health and Medical Records
These records document an employee’s fitness for duty. Documentation for health-related leave is included.
SD 8-3, 8-7, 14-5,MUN 9-37 Retention: 7 years after
end of employment
Disposition: Destroy

These general retention schedules will be presented to the State Records Committee at their next meeting on November 13th. We welcome your feedback on this update by either commenting to this blog post, calling Rebekkah Shaw at 801-531-3851 or emailing [email protected] .