Division of Archives and Records Service

General Schedule for Your Input

Rebekkah Shaw
June 1, 2015

As part of the General Schedule Update Project, the Utah State Archives is proposing six new schedules for your consideration. We would like these to be submitted to the State Records Committee’s June 11th meeting. Remember, there is no designation or classification of general schedules because that needs to be determined by the record series.

Schedule & Description Retention Existing Schedules Comments/Citations
-Legal Counsel Records-

These are legal interpretations given by attorneys at the request of governmental entities asking for guidance in enforcing, obeying, and/or interpretation of the law.

MUN 15-11,

SG 1-5,

 Retain until administrative need ends and then destroy. This changes MUN 15-11 from permament to admin need

This schedule describes the way SG 1-5 is currently being used.

-Formal Opinion Records-

These are the formal legal opinions researched, written and published by attorneys. They are necessary to maintain consistency of opinion in related matters.

CNT 12-7,

MUN 15-4,



-Agency History-

These records document the organization and reorganization of governmental entities. Information includes history, functional information, organizational files and related records.

SG 1-4, 1-19 Permanent Existing schedules say “Retain 3 years and then transfer to Archives”
-Right of Way Records-

These records document both the acquisition of property for the purpose of right of way projects and the sale of surplus property after project completion. Information may include a description of the property, property appraisal, offer to purchase statement of compensation, copies of contracts, agent log, payment closing statements, maps and plat.

  Retention: Permanent
Disposition: May transfer to Archives
Utah Code 72-1-201(2013)

This schedule is based on UDOT series 28687

Right of way plans, and design plans sets may also be included as part of the records.

An entity (UTA) may be using federal monies for right-of-way acquisition, requiring custody of the record for the life of the asset

-Request for Proposal Records-

These records are bids and proposals to provide products or services for a governmental entity. Information includes preliminary requirements for procurement of a commodity or service.

MUN 10-9, 10-2, 10-10, 10-11

CNT 9-6, 9-7, 9-8, 9-9


SG 13-12, 13-16


4 years after project completed and warranties have run.


Utah Code 10-6-122(2)(a) (2014) of Municipal Code says 3 years

Utah Code 63G-6a-2002(3)(a) (2014) Retention based on this.

Existing GS are 1 or 2 years.

Successful and unsuccessful bids are included. Successful bids need to be kept 3 years after project and warranties are done.

-Staff Acquisition Records-

Records related to recruiting and with regard to candidates not hired. The resume and application of hired individuals are part of the Employee History Records.

SD 14-17, 14-18,  14-22, 14-23, 14-28, 14-29, 14-36;

MUN 9-2, 9-4,  9-10, 9-13, 9-14?, 9-20,  9-25, 9-28, 9-30, 9-38;

CNT 8-4, 8-8, 8-15, 8-16, 8-21, 8-22, 8-25, 8-29

Retention: 2 years from application
Disposition: Destroy(retention is based on Utah Code 34-46-203)
42 U.S. Code §12112 (2) (no retention)

Utah Code 63G-2-301(2)(b)(2014)

Utah Code 34-46-203(2)(2014)