Division of Archives and Records Service

New County Petition General Schedule

Rebekkah Shaw
June 9, 2016

No schedules will be presented to the State Records Committee today, but we anticipate the previously posted financial schedules and the following two county schedules will be presented July 7th.

We are updating county schedule 14-32, but the retention will not change. We also propose adding a new schedule for the signature sheets related to petitions. If you have input or questions regarding these schedules, please contact Rebekkah Shaw at [email protected] or 801-531-3851.

Petition Signature Records

These records are petition signature sheets signed by individuals wishing to add a candidate or initiatives to the election ballot. Signatures are verified to determine whether petitioners are registered voters.
Retention: 22 months (per county request because it matches related election records per Utah Code 20A-4-202(2016)
Disposition: Destroy

Submitted Petition Records

These records are formal petitions submitted to the county legislative body proposing action. The legislative body submits the petition to legal voters in general or special election. Information may include signature totals, designated sponsors, actions of the legislative body, and related records.
Retention: 5 years after resolution of issue (this matches the current retention of county schedule 14-32)
Disposition: Permanent (transfer to the State Archives for preservation)