Division of Archives and Records Service
2 men sitting at scanning stations digitizing records

The Civil Case Files are Coming!

Rae Gifford
March 27, 2018

Dedicated to providing access to valuable historic records, the Utah State Archives and Records Service began a multi-year collaboration with FamilySearch on November 1, 2017. Our goal is to digitize all of the civil case files from each county in our holdings.

As with any significant project, we have multiple stages running at the same time. Currently, we have an Archives’ employee working to film the paper records in our holdings not already preserved on microfilm.

2 men sitting at scanning stations digitizing records

The missionary station in the State Archives Reformatting Section.. FamilySearch volunteers; Patrick Ogden and Jim Nichol

FamilySearch has also provided volunteers and equipment to digitize previously filmed records (both on microfilm and microfiche).

Over the coming years, the Archives will process the Utah County civil case files and film the civil case files from Sanpete, Summit, and Utah Counties.

Concurrently, FamilySearch will digitize the case files of the following counties: Beaver, Box Elder, Carbon, Davis, Duchesne, Emery, Grand, Iron, Salt Lake, San Juan, Washington, and Weber.

Once the records are digitized, the Archives will work to index and provide online access to these records through the Utah State Digital Archives, adding more than a million images to our online records.

We are very excited about this project because it will bring a lot of valuable information to the citizens of Utah and beyond!

~ Brian Carpenter, Utah State Archives Reformatting Manager