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Spotlight on Sara Danielson, Labor Commission Records Officer

Renee Wilson
May 4, 2018

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Meet Sara Danielson, Records Manager for the Utah Labor Commission. Sara handles all the Commission’s GRAMA requests, and assists each Commission division with records management. Sara has been a records officer for 20 years! Congratulations, Sara!


Successes and Challenges

Sara’s favorite part of the job is when she is able to locate old records for constituents. We all know how difficult that can be sometimes.

The most challenging part of the job, Sara says, is “being kept in the loop for each Division. I frequently am involved after the Division has changed a process or how the records are kept.” As a matter of fact, Sara’s advice for other records officers is to “help management understand the importance of getting [the records officer] involved when changes are being considered at the beginning instead of at the end.” We couldn’t agree with her more!


From the Commissioner

Jaceson Maughan, Deputy Commissioner and Department Head, had this to say:

“Sara does an excellent job in her role as the Commission’s records officer. She is the Commission’s expert in the records process, regularly utilizes and shares that knowledge, and takes pride in her role….  Her attention to detail and dedication to her work, coupled with her expertise and knowledge, makes her an ideal [records officer to highlight].”

Thanks for your dedication and hard work, Sara Danielson!