Division of Archives and Records Service

Archives welcomes New State Records Committee Executive Secretary

Rosemary Cundiff
May 24, 2018

Gina Proctor has accepted thHeadshot of Gina Proctore position of Executive Secretary for the State Records Committee. In this role, Gina will be receiving and processing appeals of records access denials as they are submitted for the Committee’s consideration. Gina will provide support for the Committee. She will write the minutes, schedule the hearings, notify all parties about meeting dates, and process details. She will work with the Attorney General’s Office to issue the Committee’s decisions and orders.  If you would like to know more about the State Records Committee, information is available on the State Archives website.

In addition to these State Records Committee responsibilities, Gina will also be helping to provide training about GRAMA (Government Records Access and Management Act). She will be working with the Open Records team, which focuses on government transparency initiatives.  The Open Records Team also includes the Government Records Ombudsman; and administrators of the Open Records Portal and the Public Notice Website.

Gina is looking forward to working in this position. She is fascinated by GRAMA, and very interested in the issues and questions that come before the State Records Committee. As a former records officer for the Department of Corrections, and as the GRAMA coordinator for the Attorney General’s Office, Gina has processed and responded to hundreds of GRAMA requests. She has attended many Sate Records Committee hearings in which the Department of Corrections or the Attorney General’s Office were involved.

Gina’s rich experience will make her a valuable resource for all, including the members of the State Records Committee, records officers and citizens who are involved in the appeals process. Gina can be reached at (801) 531-3834 or [email protected].