Division of Archives and Records Service

Spotlight on Carol Bekker, Thomas Edison Charter School Records Officer

Rebekkah Shaw
June 1, 2018

Meet CarolCarol Bekker, Thomas Edison Charter Schools Bekker, Records Manager for the Thomas Edison Charter School. Carol has been managing the school’s records for 13 years.

Carol enjoys having everything organized. She ensures retention guidelines are followed and regularly re-appraises records as they come up for destruction. Currently, Carol is working with her team to develop policies regarding records management and retention. She says “This has been a bigger project than we anticipated.  When all records are listed together in one place we can see the large scope of our responsibility.”

From the Principal

Shem Smith, Chief Administrative Officer and Principal of Thomas Edison Charter School North, had this to say:

“Carol is thorough and efficient, she is familiar with all of the policies and procedures for submitting records in a timely manner. Carol is knowledgeable and helpful when asked about various reports. It is such a relief to know that she is on top of all the records in addition to all of her other duties. We greatly appreciate all that she does for our schools.”

Thanks for your dedication and hard work, Carol Bekker!