Division of Archives and Records Service

Got Questions about Managing Email?

Kendra Yates
October 23, 2018
Link to new email management guideline

New Email Management Guideline

In-basket overflowing with mail

Buried by Your Inbox?

Start looking for answers here: we’ve published a new Email Management Guideline! The guideline was written by the Division of Archives and Records Service for Utah’s local and state government agencies.

Find tips on:

  • Creating an email management policy
  • Applying the updated retention schedules to email
  • Exporting emails from your system
  • Using your system’s records management tools
  • Complying with legal requirements
  • …and more!

Both the guideline and the updated retention schedules for email were developed with input from records officers. We hope that they will help to make your very difficult job just a little easier.

We would love your feedback as well as suggestions for other guidelines that you would find helpful. Please leave a comment or contact a RIM Specialist at 801-531-3863 or [email protected].