Division of Archives and Records Service

Certified Public Managers

Lauren Katz
December 23, 2021

We want to wish a huge congratulations to two members of our staff who completed the Certified Public Managers (CPM) program in 2021: Avalon Snell, who is a Local/State Agency Records and Information Management (RIM) Specialist and Dylan Mace, who is the administrator for the Open Records Portal and the Public Notice Website.

Certified Public Manager is a professional designation granted by nationally accredited programs in state and federal governments. The CPM Program increases the capacity of its participants to effectively lead people, manage work processes, and develop self-mastery.

Avalon and Dylan demonstrated perseverance and growth through their commitment to completing the CPM program, despite interruptions caused by the pandemic. They each successfully completed 300 hours of coursework, including a valuable group project meant to solve a real-world problem for a governmental entity. Although Dylan wasn’t able to attend the graduation, Avalon is pictured with our Utah Department of Human Resource Management colleague JJ Acker, who is on the CPM Advisory Board. 

Congratulations to Avalon and Dylan!