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February 3, 2017

Updating Municipal GRS

Municipal schedule 1-9 titled “Grant Files Original Applications” is permanent. Applications are not permanent, but the final performance report is. To clear up this confusion, this schedule will be removed and linked to the two schedule below. Please update your records so the related retention schedule will be followed from this point going forward. If you have any questions, please call
December 9, 2016

December SRC Retention Schedule Report

The previously posted general schedules were heard by the State Records Committee yesterday and approved. Each of these general schedules were previously posted on this blog for your input. The local government accounts payable/receivable will be combined into one schedule and the state government accounts payable/receivable will also be combined into a single schedule per the State Records Committee request. To
November 16, 2016

New Financial General Schedules for Your Input

We would like to propose the following general schedule to the State Records Committee at their next meeting on December 8th. This will be listed in the state general schedule, but may be used by any governmental entity to schedule their records. If you have any changes you would like to see to this general schedule, please notify Rebekkah Shaw at
May 3, 2016

New Financial General Schedules

We’re going to try a new look to post general schedules on the blog. Instead of posting all of the schedule numbers, this post only has the new schedules, but each existing general schedule, with its retention, are attached if you want to review those. These schedules have been previously posted, therefore they have already been added to the State
April 19, 2016

New General Schedules for Your Input

As part of the General Schedule Update Project, the Utah State Archives is proposing new financial schedules for your consideration. We would like to submit this schedule to the State Records Committee’s May 12th meeting. Remember, there is no designation or classification of general schedules because that needs to be determined by the record series. Schedule & Description Existing GRS