Division of Archives and Records Service

General Schedule Now Obsolete

Rebekkah Shaw
September 27, 2016

County general schedule 1-25 Routine Activity Schedules will be removed from the website next week. As part of the General Schedule Update Project, we are gradually removing general schedules describing items which are not records according to GRAMA. This schedule is also too vague for use. Here is the schedule:

Routine Activity Schedules (CO 1-25)

These records are routine materials containing no substantive information, regarding daily activities such as meeting appointments, telephone calls, and other employee activities. Utah Code 63G-2-103 (18)(b) indicates that these types of materials are not considered by the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) to be records.
Retention: Retain for 5 years and then destroy.
(Approved 06/1991)

If you are wondering if something is a record, please refer to Utah Code 63G-2-103(22)(b)(2015). Your analyst is also available to help. If you are wondering if a draft is a record, there is a great resource on the Utah Records Ombudsman page.

If you have concerns about this schedule being removed, please contact Rebekkah Shaw at [email protected] or 801-531-3851.