Division of Archives and Records Service

Municipal GRS Linked to County GRS

Rebekkah Shaw
October 7, 2016

Municipal Schedule 21-56 “Evidence Disposition Records” was moved to County Schedule 16-58 “Evidence Tracking Records”. If a municipality scheduled a series with us under the old municipal schedule, please expect an email from us about updating the schedule next week.

The MUN 21-56 said “These records document the use and location of items in evidence. They include tags on property and file card and may also include evidence release authorization cards.” The retention was 5 years and then destroy.

The new schedule, approved by the State Records Committee in January of this year has a retention of “10 years after final action and then destroy.” Evidence is part of a case file and only destroyed when the city/county attorney give the ‘ok’. Final action means after adjudication to cover evidence that has no statute of limitations as well as those that get resolved.

If you have any questions, please contact Rebekkah Shaw at [email protected] or 801-531-3851.