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Upcoming Training Events

Joseph Sharp
November 14, 2016

Upcoming Training Events

The following is a list of upcoming training events offered by the Utah State Archives. All employees of a governmental entity are invited to participate, especially records officers, chief administrative officers, information technology specialists, and legal advisors. Utah State Archives’ training events are free of charge.

Instructions on how to register for Archives’ events can be found here. Questions regarding training events may be directed to [email protected] or 801-531-3863.

Conference events include unique presentations on specialized topics related to records access and management.

Education Records Conference, 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Thursday, February 9, 2016
Presentations will focus on managing and providing access to education records.

Miller Free Enterprise Center (MFEC)
9750 South 300 West
Room 101, Auditorium
Sandy, UT 84070
Online: Instructions to connect online will be provided closer to the conference date.

Records Access II: Focus Group Discussion
This workshop will be an open forum to discuss questions about GRAMA. Rather than a formal presentation, this class will be an opportunity for records officers to bring questions to discuss in a group setting.

Salt Lake City, UT. 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

      • November 15, 2016

Utah State Archives
345 S. Rio Grande Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Records Management I: Records Management Essentials [Available online and by request]
This class educates participants about legal responsibilities of government agencies in managing records and information. The legally assigned roles of records officers, chief administrative officers, and the State Archives will be discussed. The class will include references to the Public Records Management Act and other relevant laws.

Salt Lake City, UT. 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

      • December 14, 2016

Utah State Archives
345 S. Rio Grande Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Records Management II: Managing Electronic Correspondence Records (Email, Texts, Social Media, etc.)
This class builds on basic records management principles with a focus on managing e-correspondence records. Objectives for this course are:
1) Articulate the fundamental concepts of e-correspondence records management. 2) Understand different methods of scheduling e-correspondence records, and be able to evaluate differences among the approaches.
3) Understand challenges of long-term preservation of e-correspondence records and identify appropriate solutions for ensuring access.
4) Understand different methods of accessing e-correspondence records.

Participants are encouraged to complete the online training for Records Management I: Records Management Essentials prior to attending class.

Salt Lake City, UT. 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

      • November 15, 2016
      • December 13, 2016

Utah State Archives
345 S. Rio Grande Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

The following courses are currently not scheduled for an in-person session. Inquiries to host or participate in an in-person session for a course below, may be directed to Nova Dubovik, [email protected] or 801-531-3834.

Records Access I: Public Records Requests [Available online and by request]
Records Access I will consider records classification, records sharing, handling GRAMA requests, and the appeals process. This training is very similar to the online training required for appointed records officers. The certification exam is not administered during the in-person training.

Records Access I: Public Records Requests for Law Enforcement Records [Available by request]
Public Records Requests for Law Enforcement Records digs deeper into classification and access issues including the appeals process. In addition to records classified under GRAMA, expunged records and accident reports are covered.

Records Access II: Classification Workshop
This workshop will focus on classification. Participants will review the classification categories in Section Three of GRAMA and participate in exercises that will help them to determine classification upon receipt of a records request.

The following events are not hosted by the Utah State Archives. Registration and fee requirements are at the discretion of the hosting party. 

Practical Digital Preservation by Council of State Archives
The CoSA-Preservica Practical Digital Preservation Program for 2016-2017 will build on the success of the initial webinar series last year, to include webinars not only for archives staff, but for staff in state agencies, as well. Webinars for senior managers, budget officials, chief information officers, and records officers will help broaden awareness of the importance of electronic records in state government, and the need for increased emphasis on digital preservation. Webinars for state archives staff will continue to provide information on successful methods to preserve digital information, particularly in state government. Additional information is available here.