Division of Archives and Records Service

The Nuts and Bolts of Records Management

Sonny Dulfo
October 1, 2018

The class materials for the Records and Information Management (RIM) Conference on September 11, 2018, are now available on the Utah State Archives website:

The following are highlights from this year’s RIM Conference:

  • Practical tips and solutions for your RIM program
  • Implementing the General Retention Schedules (GRS) and your agency policy
  • Email management practices
  • Managing electronic records and ungoverned data
  • Information Governance (IG): cleaning, organizing, and migrating information
  • Remediation framework to IG: bringing order to information
  • Anticipating challenges and opportunities in managing ungoverned data
  • Developing social media policies and safeguards
  • Best social media practices in creating internal and external policies
  • New organizational structure at the Utah State Archives RIM services
  • Records inventory: collecting data about your records
  • Steps for successful inventory
  • Designing a survey: record surveying strategy
  • Understanding records life-cycle
  • Changing your perceptions about Records and Information Management
  • Selling the importance of RIM to your organization

These are the video recordings of 2018 RIM Conference:

  • Renée Wilson: “Do This, Not That: Taking a Practical Approach to Records Management”
  • Bennett Borden: “RIM in the Information Age”
  • Lisa Catano: “The State Records Center 411″
  • Dan Metcalf: “Don’t Tweet That! Developing Social Media Policy and Safeguards”
  • Kendra Yates: “It’s 10 PM. Do You Know Where Your Records Are?”
  • Tracy Hansen: “Selling the importance of RIM to co-workers”

Presentation slides are found on our website at: